Saturday, May 22, 2010


This makes me terribly sad, angry and even more angry at the state of conservatism in education. It's so apparent that our lives are dictated by old white men, and it makes me furious to know that most textbooks of public schools buy their stuff from Texas, because it's the biggest market.

It is even more apparent that in the United States, we need to have teachers that are willing to teach a revisionist history of the US and the world, and not those things that come from textbooks. And, that, in fact, revisionist histories of the US should be made into textbook formats instead of those expensive books that are released in small presses and only sold at places like "Teaching for Change" (based at Busboys & Poets--a lovely institution).

Man...what will happen next?


Deborah Menkart said...

Thanks for your mention of Teaching for Change. Our colleague Bill Bigelow of Rethinking Schools wrote an interesting essay on the textbook and standards issue in Texas. Here is a link.
You might also want to check out the project we coordinate with Rethinking Schools called the Zinn Education Project -- it offers lots of free teaching activities on a people's history. Sincerely, Deborah Menkart, Teaching for Change,

Vanessa Rogers said...

Don't hate my state. Everyone makes stupid mistakes, no reason to hate the entire state :(