Sunday, August 29, 2010

the new year cometh, i mean the Jewish one

Fastly approaching is the Jewish New Year and Day of Return (atonement, as I learned at a workshop, is more of a Christian idea (no offense Christians, but it is) (maybe it's not return, but something like that). Anyhow, this means that there's gotta be some sort of reflection and such.

So, in general: the year before me: not terrible, but DAMN it was difficult, stressful and terrible at times. Rewarding at others, but damn. This year, so far, I've had good experiences, and now that I'm teaching an AP English comp class (did I mention this? As of last Sat...yikes!), I've been much happier. I know what to expect. So, I'm hoping for a continuation of this, and hoping that my Read 180 classes will enjoy more success than last year. We've got some real shit with this new IMPACT system and the fulfillment of goals and all that business, which is ridic and unfair and makes me feel a tad nervous. Apparently Rhee has said, "Go hard, or go home." Whatever.

In general, I'm hoping for a year of more rest, more productivity, and most of all more balance. This'll work itself out somehow. Ohhmmmmmmmm........

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Baby got back?

School starts tomorrow, and I'm not ready yet. This year I've had to set up two rooms, since I'm still split between two grades. What's a little more ridiculous is that the other room isn't shared--I'm alone--for one period. So, it's a Read 180 room! I've got my books, new rFlex books; now I just need to figure out what my classroom shape is going to be and all that business.

By the way, I don't remember if I'd mentioned this, but I had interviewed at a few schools, all of which sent me the "sorry, but..." letter. It's really unfortunate, but I feel like I'll be starting on a new footleafhorsewhateverthemetaphoris at my old school.

Today's project: buying notebooks, pens & pencils, and whatever else may seem fit for a Read 180 room; more planning for the first week & copying the actual syllabus (gulp); rearranging my room.

Another yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!