Friday, October 24, 2008

ups and downs once more

from one day to the other is like new england weather: it's never constant. how is it that group work can be so efficient one day, and the next is a train wreck? maybe there are other strategies? how do you figure this stuff out?

i took a leadership position away from a girl who was supposedly "facilitator" of a group--because, quite frankly, she wasn't going to do the work. she shut down completely. another kid wouldn't do his work because he was tired and hungry. how do you counter-act something like that?

maybe more insight will come as the day rolls by.


Vanessa Rogers said...

That is hard. I have no advice, just good luck with that. Eventually when we actually start teaching I might have something with real insight, but as of now, unemployed, waiting to have a REAL job, I can just sit back and pity you :)

Andrew said...

haha, that's alright. i guess those're the breaks when yr unemployed!

...i say that as if i have a job. i'm only there with something to do! no payments yet.

pity me, pity me allll you want!