Friday, October 31, 2008

the teacher's out of the room blues

i've started to feel much more comfortable as a teacher in this room (i'm at school as i write this), and i announced which classes i'll be taking over to the kids. i did it through a powerpoint presentation, really, of what school i graduated from (GW, naturally), how i taught in santiago, chile (the kids were extremely impressed with the spanish, at least in one class--the other collapsed on me out of hyperidity and utter lack of self-control), and where i've traveled, and that now i'm at Duggan Middle!

today the teacher is out of the room, and i'm certainly not alone. i'm with a competent sub, and i really don't need to be here. she's wicked nice, and knows how to handle the kids to the T. anyways, the teacher is out and i don't have much to do but observe. which might actually be a good idea now that i think about it.

still this laziness in some of the students. still this apparent disregard for the apologies that they say not two minutes before they start acting up again. what seems like sincere apologies. it's pretty insane. you just don't know what the hell they're thinking, sometimes. really strange.

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