Saturday, October 23, 2010

this....really is how our meetings go

I remember an innocent time, a time when collaborative planning meant you take one or two days out of your week during prep (because it was possible, since copies could be made the day of, in the morning), and you spoke to your colleagues about students that were having trouble (because you had them all (though this was middle school) and you brainstormed together how to get things done; that you didn't need to have an administrator around with you as your team planned; that you could ask the science teacher to work with you on some writing assignments and help support the theme you were exploring; when it wasn't about challenges and support and process, it was about a warm, if not sometimes frustrated, feeling towards each other, knowing that stuff would get done.

Going to the AP training a couple Fridays ago (I'm teaching AP English as well as Read 180) was a revelation, and broke me out of the rut of process. I suddenly remembered what studying was like in college, and was over-joyed to talk with my teachers from our school, as well as some other teachers, about the AP test and follow the instructor's directions toward examining the questions and figuring out how to answer and understand them. It was refreshing. This, however, is not. It makes me sad to be faced with this reality, but the question here is not, "Well, I'm trapped, so I might as well eat dirt, cause that's what they're feeding me" rather, "OK, I know the the hell do I get the support I need from an administration that will only criticize? How do I work the system?"

Either way, shit's really annoying...take a peek:


Anonymous said...

glad to know I'm not the only one who feels this way! But you need someone in the back of the room adding. I'm not going to cooperate any more cause you never listen to me whether the persons opinion was asked for or not.

Anonymous said...

I can't take it anymore, as soon as I can I'm leaving DCPS.

Reading the District said...

@anon1: yeah, this is something that's pretty frequent in the school, as per usual. how are school-wide PD's at your school--just as boring and inconsequential? DCPS needs to up their PD sessions, if that's the case.

@anon2: i didn't say that i was leaving, nor do i think i should. personally, i'd like to stick this out, stay with DCPS--it's going to be a wild ride, but i think it's worth it. finding the right school seems to be what's the most important thing, i think.