Thursday, July 8, 2010

the writer's workshop

So. I've been called upon by a certain school to have an interview tomorrow, and I'm strapped into the seat at the restaurant I'm at (cafe, yellowgreen&orange walls, free wi-fi), and am trying to figure out a 20 minute grammar lesson. In the meantime, my mind's racing because I'm reading two books that I love (book 1), and am interested in (book 2): The Power of Grammar (book 1), and Mechanically Inclined (book 2). Both are extremely interesting and lovable (I'm such a nerd), and are filling in the gaps where one seems to falter.

The Writer's Workshop seems to be taken for granted as something that happens during the year in units, but shouldn't students be writing all the time? Or, am I to think that comprehension & ideas are more important in daily/homework writing, and not so much the skill of writing? Perhaps. I suppose it depends upon the English teacher, but I'm trying to think--how does it usually go? In Read 180, we have readings, then we have writing. In English, that's how it worked also, no? No?

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Good Luck.