Sunday, April 4, 2010

the battle with sleep continues

As vacation ends, another day begins, and another sleepless night. Man, I couldn't fall asleep again, and it's driving me insane. Why is sleep so erratic in my life? My guess is the anticipation and anxiety of starting another (the last) quarter at school. I'm dreading it, which is terrible, but I've built it up as such a terrible place that I don't think I can make it otherwise. Because, honestly, I'm just not that into it anymore. That's sort of a bad thing to say, but I just feel it.

Anyhow, I'm applying to new schools--got some cover letters and resume done. I applied to two charters, and am looking into other public schools. We'll see how that goes. Let's hope that gets me better sleep!


Anonymous said...

I so feel the same. I feel bad about it on one hand, but on the other I feel like I gave it my all and the administration/DCPS did nothing to support me as a new teacher. I'm constantly exhausted and feel like I could sleep for a month. So, back to school with little accomplished in the time off but more sleep than usual and a slight skip in my step because this ordeal is almost over.

Lauren said...

I was a new teacher last year and there were weeks where I didn't sleep. It's stress and worry about all the things you have to get done to impress administrators. All that work keeps you from getting down the important things - like grading, planning, maintaining sanity, etc.

I'm a middle school English teacher in the District too - what schools are you considering and where are you now? I'm looking for a change for next year as well.

The Reflective Educator said...

Man - good luck with all that. Best thing to help me sleep is exercise.

Reading the District said...

lauren, i applied to Capital City and also E.L. Haynes, but the latter doesn't accept first years. they said they had an "associate teacher" position thingy, but i think it's like an Americore thing where they pay as little as possible, so I don't know what the prospects are.

I'm not going to leave DCPS all-together just yet; just this school.

Lauren said...

I'm a second year, so EL Haynes is an option but I'm just not too keen on it. They're KIPP associated and so I know that working there would be a a giant time and energy commitment.

What is cap city like?