Sunday, August 16, 2009


Tomorrow brings the first day, er, eleventh day, of training for me. The school really wants teachers (especially new ones) to be well-trained; but, this time it's with all the teachers, and not just the new ones.

I've been advised to both be friends with new and non-new teachers for reasons both in the way of mentorship and also so that you can compare to how things were "before" if you know what I mean. Either way, they apparently are great, so I'm pretty excited to be a part of their staff, too.

My most anxious thought: how the hell am I gonn' get prepared for a whole a week??? Yes, ladies and gents, my planning has not yet begun due to the stupid scheduling of our all-staff training and welcome back professional development. Ridonc in the badonkadonk.

But, all my questions (as I have many) will be answered as we start our planning...I'll probably bring a lunch tomorrow--tuna fish, anyone?


Vanessa Rogers said...

I'm still waiting for my ransom comments :) but I decided to comment first because I just can't help myself. tuna fish sandwich yucky! PBJ all the way!

Reading the District said...

hahaha, that's very true...pbj is all the way. unfortunately, i had no PB nor J, so i couldn't make the sandwiches. plus, the tuna at eastern market in dc is glorious.